Saving Money on Solar Power for your Home

Solar energy can save you thousands of dollars that you would have paid the electric company for the rest of your life and in some cases it can actually even earn money in addition to your savings, making solar one of the safest and best returns on investment in today’s market. PV (Solar) can save you in several ways,

1. By allowing you to control your energy costs and shielding from inflation through your ability to secure a desired fixed energy rate for over 20 years into the future.

2. By lowering high cost tiers from your rate plan thus preventing you from paying nearly sometimes triple the base cost for electricity.

3. For some customers it can mean erasing a bill all together and avoiding the 6.7% hike in electric costs per, meaning the your saving increase per year instead of your cost.

4. There are “Feed in Tariff “ programs that allow you to become an electric provider for profit and best yet the coming SREC programs allow you to sell the “green credits” you produce for profit in addition to the saving you have on your bill! How much can you save? For example, if you pay around $150 per month, you could possibly save over $50,000 during the warranteed life of the system alone. Add new SREC programs to that, and those numbers could even double.

Rebates and Tax Credits

There are California and federal incentives available to help pay for the cost of installing renewable energy systems. Our Solar Estimators take most of these incentives into account, and as part of your Estimate we offer links to Internet resources that explain the incentives in more detail. And, of course, GreenBear Solar professionals are well-versed in rebates, tax incentives, Renewable Energy Credits (REC or SREC), and project financing -- all important aspects of your solar energy strategy.

Incentives are available today that can reduce the price by up to half if you install a solar energy system, making it more affordable than ever. If the renewable energy system allows you to offset the higher cost utility power (usually called "tiered" rates), you could realize a net savings per month.


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