1. How does solar work?
Solar electricity is generated by a group of solar modules called an array that's installed on your roof or in your yard. When sunlight falls on the solar modules, a DC electrical current is created instantly. The DC electricity is fed into an inverter that changes it to standard AC electricity—the same kind your home already uses.

You know that meter in your yard that tracks your electricity usage? The dial spins forward as you use electricity. How long and how fast it spins ultimately determines your bill. But did you know that it can spin in either direction? Whenever your solar electric system produces more electricity than you use, the surplus is channeled back to your utility's power grid, making your electric meter spin backwards. It's called net metering, and it means you’re earning credits on your bill. Best of all, it means your electricity at that moment is free.

2. How do I know if solar will work on my home?
GreenBearSOLAR offers more than one way to go solar. With so many options to choose from, you and your GreenBearSOLAR consultant will decide what’s right for your home and your family. Much of the decision is based on the amount of roof space you have and which direction your home faces. South-facing roofs produce the highest annual output; however, east- and west-facing roofs can also harvest good results. It is important that your system will not be shaded by trees, buildings or other obstacles for long periods throughout the day. GreenBearSOLAR's custom solution is designed to meet your electricity requirements and the specifications of your roof. Its sleek, low-profile racking system creates a seamless appearance that integrates well on asphalt-shingle, flat-concrete tile and curved Spanish tile roofs.

3. Does solar work on cloudy days?
Yes, solar modules produce electricity on cloudy days, it is just less electricity. If the solar modules are completely covered in snow, they will not produce electricity. As a rule of thumb, if there is enough sunlight to cast a shadow, then solar panels can produce electricity.

4. How much does solar cost?
The cost of a system depends on a wide variety of factors including the type of roof, system complexity, geographic location, system size and more. An approximate installed cost is $7.00-$10.00 per watt before incentives. The federal government and several state governments offer generous rebates for purchasers of solar systems. Solar modules are warranted to produce energy for 25 years. Over that time period, the cost of electricity from the utility continues to increase, while the solar system produces energy for free. Additionally, a solar electric system can increase a home's value by $20,000 for every $1,000 in reduced annual operating costs.

5. Are solar modules dangerous?
All GreenBearSOLAR modules are UL 1703 certified and hold a Fire Rating of Class C. Solar systems should be installed by a certified solar installer, which will include work done by a licensed electrician. Additionally, all systems should be inspected by a city official before being activated.

6. How long does it take to install a solar system?
It only takes 2-5 days for the average residential rooftop system to be installed. One should expect 4-9 weeks for the entire process, which includes everything from a site evaluation to the switch being turned on.

7. Is there maintenance required to keep a solar system operational?
Occasionally, a solar array should be rinsed off with a hose to clear the dust or debris that blocks sunlight and reduces efficiency. That’s about all that's required. There are no moving parts to wear out and GreenBearSOLAR solar modules are covered under limited warranty.

8. There are a lot of solar products on the market, why are GreenBearSOLAR products are a good fit for me?

We deploy advanced technology to counter light degradation, boast long-term reliability, and strengthen construction. And with more module choices to optimize energy production, we can create custom design solutions for your project. GreenBearSOLAR's industry leadership, quality materials and extensive network of consultants and professionals make converting your home to solar power more feasible and easier than you may have imagined. Because we're locally owned, a solar expert close to you, ready to come to your home to determine your energy needs with a free consultation.

9. Will a solar installation ruin my roof? Or will it look unattractive?
GreenBearSOLAR's solar residential system seamlessly integrates with your home's style with solar aesthetics and reliability. Its clean, elegant appearance blends beautifully with rooflines, and sleek front, top and side trim covers improve water channeling and decrease wind drag.

10. How can I get an installation estimate?
Please click on the "Contact Us" link for more information or call us at 800-475-0181 and we will have a GreenBearSOLAR Solar consultant contact you at your convenience.


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