Design and Installation

After obtaining local utility's rebate approval and building permits, the actual installation process only takes between 2 and 5 days.

1. Layout
The GreenBear Solar installation crew identifies specific installation conditions, such as identifying rafters, confirms that the system design matches the layout on the rafters, and then drills holes for the mounting system. Quickmounts are inserted into the holes and the flashing is caulked to ensure no water leakage.

2. Installation
After the layout phase, rails are attached to the Quickmounts, aligned to create a level plane, and then tightened. After this, the panels are mounted to the rails and wired together. All wiring is tightened and securely tied up below the panels so that nothing hangs down loose to prevent damage from rubbing against the shingles. All the panels are grounded and one ground wire is sent to the junction box which is mounted on the roof, out of sight.

3. System Commissioning
System commissioning is the part of the process which enables the DC to be transformed to alternating current (AC) which can be used by your home. One or two inverters (depending on the size of the system) are hung on the exterior of your house. Wiring from the solar array is connected to the inverters. Live AC wires from the inverters are connected to your meter. An electrician makes all the final electrical connections.

4. Monitor & Inspect System
GreenBear Solar turns on your system. We take line voltage measurements and inverter readings to verify that it is working properly.

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