Rebates and Tax Credits

There are many rebates, incentives and tax credits available today that could reduce the price of your renewable energy system, as much as half your total costs (sometimes even more!). There are many options to choose from including; local utility, county, city rebates and incentives, often in the form money offered upfront based on estimated production in kwh or overtime at a set $ amount per kwh! There are also state and federal tax incentives/rebates like; the federal 30% tax credit refund, property exemptions, rural agricultural grants, grants for no profits, local level permit fee waivers, and non-government incentives like SREC’s that are tradable renewable energy certificates that can be sold publicly.

GreenBearSOLAR estimators take all applicable incentives into account as part of your project strategy to ensure maximum return on investment. We are happy to explain these programs in more detail, to help you understand which ones apply to you and how much you will benefit from them. We offer links to Internet resources such as that explain the incentives in more detail. Give us a call and we can help you get started putting together all the important aspects of your solar/renewable energy strategy.


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