Design and Installation

After obtaining local utility's rebate approval and building permits, the actual installation process only takes between 2 and 5 days on average residential system..

1. Layout
GBS’s team of engineers and designers determine optimal layout. considering structural integrity, ascetics, and energy production. Then create blueprints, wiring diagrams and obtain all necessary permits and approvals.

2. Installation
Our experienced installation crew is then directed to implement these plans, exacting them to your buildings particular situation. First thing to be installed are the standoff footings and flashing (using a licensed roofer whenever necessary to maintain roof integrity and warrantees) this is the foundation of the system. Next the panels are attached, while our master electrician manages the wire runs and inverter installation. Fully integrating the entire system into a cohesive unit, ensuring safety and optimal power production.

3. System Commissioning
The system will then be subjected to a series of inspections, first by our project manager and/or master electrician, then by local building and safety, often the fire marshal. After receiving approval a green tag is issued and the local utility will then send out the inspectors to ensure system is producing the desired and expected power output and that safety disconnect switches are functioning properly, after their approval you will get the thumbs up to commission the system and it will be officially turned on, making you and your property a power generating facility, that begins saving money from that point on

4. Monitor, Inspect and Maintain
GBS will then instruct you in the simple and easy maintenance of your PV system, show you how to read and understand your inverter and/or monitors displays and officially hand over the keys so to speak. Our involvement doesn't end there though, in addition to our installation warranty, we will also clean and inspect your system for the first year for free, you will also have the option for a long term affordable maintenance contract so that all you'll have to do is count the money you are saving each month.

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