Free Solar Consultation

We make getting solar for your home easy! The first step is to figure out if solar is right for your home. Yes, if:

1. You own your own home;
2. You pay more than $100 per month on your electric bill* ; and
3. You have roof or yard space that receives several hours of sunlight per day.

Call us to schedule a free consultation. All you need to do to prepare for our arrival is gather as many copies of your electric bill as you can find and so you don’t forget why don’t you put together a list of questions and/or concerns you may have. We will then come to your home gather all necessary measurements, assessments, and information necessary to design your system than we generally perform a free “preliminary” energy audit, to see where improvements that will save you money can be made. After that we will sit with you go over the bills, discuss some of our assessments and try to answer all your questions. This generally takes around an hour but there’s no limit we will speed up the process if you’re on a time crunch or stay longer if you need more time to understand everything.

After this initial meeting we will then put all the info gathered together to create a comprehensive proposal that will explain costs, savings, ROI, component choices, etc… and schedule a second visit to present and go over the proposed system in detail. This would be a fairly typical consultation process, whenever possible we like to take this approach as it gives us the best opportunity to get to know you, this helps us design and system to suit your home or business with greater detail.

Give us a call at 800-475-0181 to discuss, or fill out the form below, and we'll give you ring to connect with one of our solar consultants, who will come out to your house, take a look at your roof and break it down for you:

  • What it will cost
  • How much you'll save on your energy costs
  • Where the panels will go on your roof
  • Answers to every question you might have

    And because we're locally owned, you can rest assured that you'll have a local professional, who you can reach at anytime with questions or concerns. Call or email us today to get started!


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